Bell&Ross BR01

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The initial Bell & Ross BR01 was launched over a decade ago and at that time it was intended as a unique and distinctive manly dress watch. There was no other timepiece like this on the market. The alternatives were rather very luxurious models that were too keen on being different than the usual 46 mm wide wrist watches. What Bell&Ross decided to do differently was to define the BR01 as a pure military inspired timepiece with a rough and manly design. This approach has turned out to be a gold mine and it has turned the watch into a very popular choice for countless watch fans.

Bell & Ross has always tried to keep a cool and fresh look for the BR01 collection without compromising the basic style and feel of the line. From time to time, the brand presents a new limited collection BR01 that has very little aesthetic or functional variations. Still, the Bell & Ross BR01 continues to stay on top of the luxury sports watches niche.

Some may say that the Bell & Ross BR01 is just like the rest of the watches of this genre, but it looks more sophisticated due to the GMT hand. Indeed, the profile and the case of the GMT is very similar to the one of the BR01-92 which is a three hand automatic, but the thing is that the BR01-93 has a distinct mechanism, a flange ring and an interesting color touch. It is the type of timepiece that has an understated elegance and simplicity.

I especially like the BR01 Carbon that comes without a date function. This stylish and manly GMT watch has a case which measures 46 mm in diameter that is manufactured from a matte black PVD and is waterproofed up to 100 meters. Another great thing about this Bell & Ross BR 01 is the double AR coated sapphire crystal.

Even though the watch comes with an oversized flat style square case it feels very comfortable on the wrist. This is due to the fact that the lugs and strap are close to the bottom part of the case. There is also a smaller alternative if you are not into very big sized watches. The 42 mm wide BR03 feels like an excellent choice.

The nicest addition that can be found on the BR01 GMT models compared to the rest is the flange ring. Around the dial it has a diagonally aligned internal ring that serves as a place for the 24 hour markers for the GMT hand that shows the second time zone. This small design detail improves the readability and the young feel of the watch. It complements its overall design and charm.

The large orange GMT hand of the BR01 seems to have been inspired by the older and very attractive 42 mm Rolex Explorer II models. The dash of bold orange color looks very beautiful on the all-black dial of this Bell&Ross watch. Furthermore, the middle part of the GMT hand is covered with luminescent coating that improves night legibility.

The Bell & Ross BR01 is powered by a Swiss ETA 2893 automatic GMT movement which also features a date function. The date window is located between the 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock hour markers. This type of mechanism is very complex, sophisticated and accurate. It adds great value to the watch and it offers complications that are very easy to use.

Bell& Ross sells this BR01 watch with a comfortable rubber strap, but the price may seem a little bit high for a sports watch even if it falls into the luxury section. The current market price for this timepiece is $5,000 but due to its fascinating simplicity it attracts more and more watch fans.

Those who own a Bell&Ross Br01 agree that this very popular and iconic timepiece is so exquisite due to its fine choice of materials and the beauty of its details. For instance, all the screws on the case are completely functional and opening it isn’t such a piece of cake.

For watches fans who adore enriching their collections with modern and stylish timepieces that are completely different than most designs available on the market, the Bell & Ross BR01 feels like the perfect choice. It has class, distinction and a unique blend between functionality and originality.

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