Bracelets are growing into a popular trend in men’s fashion. Men wear bracelets for various reasons. While for some it is a wardrobe accessory for making a bold fashion statement, other men wear bracelets for good luck, memory of a special event or just as a show of status and wealth. Silver bracelets are undoubtedly one of the most popular types of bracelets worn around the world. They are a preferred option largely due to their versatility. Besides being ideal for various types of outfits, silver bracelets can also be worn by people of various skin tones. Silver bracelets are also popular for the fact that they can be worn to both casual and official events.

As simple as it may seem, purchasing the right silver men’s bracelet is a rather daunting task. Doing proper research prior to making the purchase is a great way of making the right decision. Some tips to help you select the right bracelet include:

Know the occasion: When planning to buy a silver bracelet, one of the first things to consider is the occasion for which the accessory is intended. Silver bracelets design come in a plethora of styles, some suitable for all occasions, others ideal for specific occasions. If you would love to wear the bracelet to every occasion, it is prudent to opt for a bracelet of simple design. It could either be a well-polished silver plate or a chain bracelet. For casual attire, there are a great variety of silver bracelets that come with stylish symbols and patterns. They are the ultimate option for every casual event.

Get the right store: The quality of silver bracelet you get depends largely on the store from which you make the purchase. The right quality of bracelet should be both elegant and durable. The bracelet needs to last for a long time without fading or losing its luster. When finding out about a store, establish the brands of bracelets they deal in. Ensure that their collection consists of genuine bracelets. This should help you form the right decision of store to purchase from. If it is an online based jewelry store, find reviews from previous buyers.

Style: Your type of bracelet and how you wear it plays a key role in the outcome of how it looks on you. It is often recommendable to keep your bracelets simple at all times. Always select petite bracelets with simple designs as they look gorgeous with every type of outfit. In men’s fashion, the number of bracelets worn should be kept to a minimum. One or two bracelets are enough to complete your look. Bracelets also look better worn on one wrist as compared to when they are worn on two.

Although comfort needs to be achieved when wearing a bracelet, it should also fit on the wrist of the wearer to avoid a case in which it moves up and down the arm. The best way of getting a bracelet that fits is to have one custom made for you with measurements of your wrist.