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The Omega Speedmaster Professional is also known as the first watch in space. Due to its remarkable performances and durability it was the only choice of the first astronauts that set foot on the moon. Since that moment, its popularity has increased rapidly and now it is considered one of the most iconic watches on the planet.

Everyone knows that Neil Armstrong was the first man who walked on the surface of the moon in July 21st 1969, but he was not the first astronaut to wear an Omega. Apparently, he forgot his watch in the capsule and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin was actually the first astronaut to wear the Omega Speedmaster Professional during his first stroll on the moon. Another interesting fact about Buzz Aldrin’s Omega is that unfortunately the watch got stolen afterwards.

This very unique accomplishment has been used by Omega as a very powerful marketing tool. In fact, earlier Omega Speedmaster case backs have the inscription “The first watch worn on the moon” while the current models have the engraving “The first and only watch worn on the moon”.

It has been more than half a century since the first Omega Speedmaster was launched and since then, this classic watch has witnessed some of the most remarkable events, which have surpassed the limits of human courage and physical endurance. Of course, the most important and life changing one is the lunar landing and all NASA’s missions that took place since March 1965.

Unquestionably, the Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph occupies a unique place in the history of space exploration as it has been the only watch chosen by NASA to be on board of all the capsules that went in space missions, from Gemini to the latest International Space Station program. The famous model worn by Buzz Aldrin is still known as the first chronograph in space and it is now called the Moonwatch.


The Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph Moonwatch has a simple black dial with a tachymeter scale. The case of the watch measures a 42 mm diameter and the whole timepiece was designed to stand out through its refined design, remarkable precision and incredible durability.

To improve night legibility, the central hour and minute hands, and indexes are coated with Super Luminova. The dial is protected by a hesalite crystal and it features a 30 minutes recorder, a small seconds sub-dial and a 12 hours recorder. This magnificent dial is enclosed by a solid stainless steel case that is complemented either by a black leather strap or by a matching stainless steel bracelet.

The Speedmaster Moonwatch collection is one of the most popular and sought after series within the Omega family. It features four basic variations and each one is available with a special and unique presentation box, as well as with two additional straps- a black Velcro strap and a “NATO” strap. Among the other useful additions, we mention the instructions for how to change the bracelet, a tool to change the strap, a Speedmaster loupe, a book that mentions the adventures of the Speedmaster and a metal plate.

President John F Kennedy was the one who has challenged the world to conquer space and touch the lunar surface. His audacious thinking made it possible for astronauts to explore the moon and when he first talked about this idea, only one American had been in space for no more than 16 minutes. But now, looking back, we see that only with courage and by exceeding your limits you can change the course of history and touch unprecedented heights.  This is how, in July of 1969 Buzz Aldrin stepped on the Moon with an Omega Speedmaster Professional on his wrist, and soon after this huge event the watch earned its distinctive nickname, the Moonwatch.

The Speedmaster was launched in 1957 and since that moment it has been a watch defined by robustness, precision and readability. The caliber 321 powered the timepiece until 1968 and it has been later replaced by caliber 861. Afterwards, it has been changed with a better version when Omega added a superior quality rhodium-plated finish on the mechanism, thus resulting the caliber 1861 and later on the more extravagantly decorated caliber 1863. Both of these calibres are actually hand-wound movements. Nowadays, the Speedmaster Moonwatch features the same type of hand-wound mechanism that was used on the original NASA timepieces that were worn by the astronauts who set foot on the Moon.

An Omega Speedmaster Professional is a good choice for those who want to own an iconic timepiece that has an impressive history of world-changing events, a gorgeous vintage look and outstanding performances. It is a true form tribute to one of the most important accomplishments of men kind- the first lunar mission.

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