Panerai Luminor

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Panerai Luminor is a very iconic watch. It is the timepiece that changed fashion. Initially, the Panerai Luminor was designed to serve as a diver’s watch for the Italian navy, but over the years bulky watches have become more and more popular. A Panerai Luminor isn’t just a useful mechanical masterpiece, but also a style symbol.

The Panerai Luminor has a 45 mm case diameter and when it was first launched it revolutionized the industry with its size. Most men’s timepieces had maximum a 37 to 38 mm case diameter. Sure, it was a big difference, but no matter how big it looked on the wrist it soon became extremely popular and sought after.

The special thing with Panerai is that it had a discontinuous history. In 1860 Giovanni Panerai opened a small watchmaker shop in Firenze and started selling maritime equipment. It was the main supplier of watches for the Italian Navy. Italian frogmen needed a watch for synchronizing attacks and setting time when they were mounting torpedoes. They also needed time instruments that you could wear and read underwater and this is the reason why the dial was designed so big: to improve legibility.

Panerai’s initial water resistant models were developed in collaboration with Rolex. Some of the first Panerai watches were equipped with a Rolex movement. The brand had a huge success, but somehow due to the quartz crisis of the 70’s and to Italy’s loss in World War II, the brand disappeared off the market. The boost that the company needed so much for reviving its name came from Sylvester Stallone who wore a Panerai in one of his movies, during his interviews and even on the red carpet.

Just like many other luxury watches out there, the Panerai Luminor shares a passion for an elegant and simple design with a remarkable sense of distinction. Its best assets are- a highly legible and simple dial, very clear font, a large cushion case, and a large range of interchangeable straps.

On the iconic Panerai Luminor 1950 the case is a cushion style and it is constructed from a solid block of brushed stainless steel. The crown is made out of polished stainless steel and it is protected by a unique Panerai system that ensures water resistance. It basically is a tight seal device that completely covers the crown and helps make the watch watertight. It has a small lever that you need to pull to release the crown and once it is released you can pull it and turn it. This clever system has a very distinct aesthetics and in 1960 it has been trademarked by Panerai.

The Panerai Luminor 1950, also known as the PAM 321, has a 19 mm thick case and a 44 mm diameter. It is an extra-large size watch with a bulky appearance, but this can’t stop enthusiasts from stylishly wearing it. There are numerous small wristed men and even women that have this model and wear it proudly with sophisticated outfits.

Day or night, the Panerai PAM 321 has an incredibly legible dial. The 6, 9 and 12 hour markers are very large and covered with Panerai luminescent coating that shines brightly and clearly. You just need to use it during the day and it will shine all night long. Plus, the domed sapphire crystal improves the overall legibility of the dial.

The interchangeable straps are a great way to change the look of the watch in an instance. While the alligator strap is an excellent choice for the office, the rubber band is ideal for a day at the pool or at the ocean. The band completely changes the look of the watch. The materials for the Panerai Luminor vary from exotic leathers like sharks, ostrich, reptiles and stingray to calf leather. There are also numerous available colors. The most iconic Pam 321 strap is the legendary assolutamente deployment band that adds an extra touch of refinement.

The Panerai Luminor is C.O.S.C certified and it features a transparent caseback that allows you to see the ¾ plate movement that is adorned with rubies and blue screws. The inside mechanism supports the GMT function and is activated by releasing the crown and pulling it into the first position.  The watch has also two additional features like the 3-day power reserve indicator and the quick reset seconds function.

The Panerai Luminor 1950 is one of the most appreciated and outstanding timepieces in history. This classic design has survived many style changes and it currently represents an icon both for fashion enthusiasts and for watch passionate people.

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