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Rolex Submariner is without a doubt one of the most popular and iconic watches on the planet. I do not think there is even one single person who doesn’t know how this watch looks like and what it symbolizes. One of the main advantages of owning a Rolex Submariner is that it instantly gets everyone’s attention. This extremely famous design suggests luxury, wealth and influence.

Rolex has intended the first Submariner as a very functional and precise timepiece, one that was able to accompany professional divers even in the deepest parts of the ocean. Of course, the Rolex Submariner wasn’t your average type of watch. Its success skyrocketed in just a couple of years and it soon turned out to be one of the most desired watches within the watch world. Now, it represents the quintessential diver’s watch, a true legend for watches aficionados. If you want to get a replica watch that will instantly turn heads then you definitely want a Rolex Submariner.

From my point of view, there is no true watch collector out there who doesn’t own at least a couple of Rolex watches. And obviously, a must when it comes to Rolex watches is the Submariner. This is why I have a few very amazing Rolex replicas in my collection and out of these watches, the Rolex Submariner with black dial is one of my favorites. I simply adore the way this watch looks like, the elegance of the simple black dial over the silver case and the luxurious feeling I get every time I wear it. It is the perfect watch to make a real fashion statement at the office or even when you are going out with friends or business partners.

Nowadays, there are far more divers’ watches that are even more durable, expensive and complicated than the Rolex Submariner, but somehow this model continues to fascinate and appeal to every watch collector I know. The best part about this watch is its simplicity. Rolex is famous for manufacturing very simple, but functional movements. Its self-winding mechanisms are well-known for being easy to operate, precise and durable. This is the main reason why so many people prefer a Rolex Submariner instead of any other diver’s watch around.

Rolex is the brand that supposedly has invented the Oyster case that is completely waterproofed. This is because it has been the first company that has trademarked its water resistant Oyster system. As a consequence of this particularity, all Rolex Submariner watches have the “Oyster” word engraved on the dial. This simply means that the watch is water proofed. You can dive with a Rolex Submariner up to a depth of 300 meters.

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The beauty of its design is that it mixes elegant details with sporty features. This is one of the key factors of its huge popularity. No one can deny that the dial of a Rolex Submariner is easy on the eye, but somehow clever and complex. The distinctive touch is the contrast between the black and white shades that considerably improves legibility, even in the dark. The special 12 o’clock marker is meant to make it really easy to anyone to understand the dial’s orientation even when he is looking at it from the opposite direction.

Until a few years ago, Rolex used to have luminescent hour markers and hands that were green colored in the dark, but now these are blue toned. This feature isn’t just a design improvement, but also a functional one as this type of material looks whiter during the day. Every single change that Rolex applied to the Submariner had the sole purpose of improving its legibility and functionality, both above and under water.

But let’s not forget that a Rolex Submariner is a luxury watch. Some of the design details are there only to enhance its luxurious aesthetics, such as the sapphire crystal which has a coat of AR on the bottom part. This makes it more reflective and shinier. Plus, even though the size of the Rolex Submariner case is 40 mm, it still looks like an oversized watch of 42 mm due to its prominent lugs structure.

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Rolex has made significant changes also to the Submariner’s bracelet. These updates refer to the bracelet’s ability to be micro-adjusted and to its profile. To be more precise, until recently the Rolex Submariner bracelet was a three-link tapering steel bracelet, meaning that the lugs were narrower next to the deployment clasp thus making it feel more comfortable.

Rolex is a legend and every single watch it makes is an iconic timepiece within the industry. The Rolex Submariner with black dial is among the most popular Rolex watches on the market and it represents a true cornerstone in a world where value, ideals, status and quality are measured by the watch you are wearing. Its success is a result of its ability of delivering luxury in its finest forms.

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