The Breitling is an iconic and revered watch brand that has built quite a reputation over the years. They are an exceptional accessory that are popular not only for their elegant design, but also for their durability and accuracy. Breitling brands of watches have various incredible features, a fact that makes them a popular option for pro-pilots and other professionals. the reputation of the Breitling has been taken advantage of by many fabricators who produce fake Breitling models. Several replica watches of this brand have been produced, making it rather tricky to buy an authentic piece. Some of the signs that you can look at to avoid buying a fake Breitling include the following.

The Weight

A characteristic feature of the Breitling that you can use to determine its authenticity is its weight. The watches are made using high quality material that is strong and rather heavy. Breitling watches are even heavier than the other luxury watches. To spot a fake therefore, all you need to do is feel the heft. If its sufficiently heavy, then it is likely a genuine Breitling. If however you slip it onto your wrist and feel its light, then it is prudent to begin questioning its authenticity.

The Breitling Logo

the logo is a quick way of spotting a fake Breitling. Breitling typically uses two logo types on all of its watches. The easiest to recognize of the logos is that of a winged anchor that has the Breitling name close to it. To determine the real Breitling logo, you need to pay attention to the slight gap left between the wings and the anchor’s tip. Another detail to watch out for is the extent of the lines defining the wings. They usually do not go the entire length of the wingspan. A fake Breitling will therefore have a line that extends the entire length of the wings.

The other logo used on Breitling watches is the signature “B” that is reserved specifically for the brand’s heritage collection. The “B” of a genuine piece is raised from the plane of the dial.

Its Seconds Hand

An authentic Breitling watch has a second’s hand with the iconic “B” attached to its end. The “B” then drops into the shape of an anchor. When examining the “B” of the second’s hand, you should pay keen attention to its width. The “B” of a genuine watch widens and narrows stylistically at certain points. The pointy end of the anchor should be sharp and clean. In a fake Breitling, you are likely to find some details missing. This design is however not standard for all Breitling watches. You may find some that do not have the “B” attached to it.

Calendar Window

The calendar window of an authentic Breitling is usually made of numbers that fill the entire space. This is another feature that you can check to spot a fake Breitling.

Other features that can be of help in spotting a fake Breitling is the Engraved buckle, misspellings and movement of the various hands.